This week we look at a new rugby tendency in
modern rugby,
which we call "counter
- a completely legal method to slow
the ruck ball down.
"Slowing the ruck ball down is a method which defending teams use to give their defenders
more time to get into the defending line. Counter rucking is used to slow the ball down by

driving players, who are bridging or shielding the ball from the defenders, back over the ball.
This makes it very difficult for the scrum-half to get the ball away quickly. "

 - Jan Oberholzer
Lets look at an example of "counter rucking".
Number 8 is shielding the ball from any
defender trying to get to it over the ruck. The
ball is ready for the scrum-half to pick up.
Video Clip of "counter
Wynand Olivier start to counter ruck the
number 8.
Coaches can now clearly see that counter
rucking can be very effective when there are
players standing around to shield the ball.
He drives the number 8 over the ruck
onto the ball on the other side.
The scrum-half throws his hands into the air
out of frustration, because there is no chance
that he can play the ball quickly.
New Tendencies in Modern Rugby
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